Well-thought-out answers to your burning questions about music equipment hire & our service

QHow much does it cost to hire a PA system?

AIt totally depends on your needs! OK, least useful answer possible. For a portable PA system for a night, probably about £50. For a large system for a band at a festival, more like £200. Either way, a lot more reasonable than buying a system for all occasions.

QWhat do I need to hire along with speakers?

AIf you have never used a PA system, it might be a shout to look for a vendor who can supply somebody to assist with setup - although that'll come at extra cost. Alternatively check out our guides and you might find that you can do it all yourself!

QWhere is the best place to hire PA speakers?

ANaturally that depends where you are! We would recommend looking at our location-based supplier listings page to find your nearest and most appropriate supplier.

QI've no idea where to even start with this stuff, somebody just put me in charge of the office Christmas party!?

AAll is not lost, friend. You've come to the right place. Head on over to our enquire and hire page where you'll find a handy form to tell us the stuff you DO know, like where and when the party's at. We can take it from there!

QSo how does this 'enquire and hire' actually work then?

AWe thought you'd never ask. Simply put, we analyse what you tell us in our handy form to determine what you'll need (which may including contacting you for more info if required), then we contact suppliers that fit the bill so you don't have to.

QWhat do I need to do once I have my quote?

AAt this point it's up to you; if you're happy, we'll let the supplier know and make sure the price is locked in. You'll then need to contact them to make payment (we'll give you all the details!) and arrange pickup and dropoff times.

QWhat will your service cost me?

AWe work on a commission basis, meaning that there is no additional cost to you beyond the price of the hire!

QDo you offer a delivery service?

ANot just yet, but we're working on it! We can however sometimes arrange this with suppliers so let us know in the form that this is something you're interested in.

QHow long can I hire speakers for?

ANormal hire lengths vary from 1-3 days/nights. Suppliers are usually pretty understanding that you might need an extra day to return the system after partying a little too hard; someone needs to be sober enough to drive after all.

QCan I hire DJ equipment?

AYes! Loads of it. If you could use some advice about what to hire for what you need, email us at our contact page.

QWhat happens if I accidentally damage hired speakers?

AYou break it, you buy it. It really is that simple, unless the vendor specifies otherwise. There are sometimes harsh truths about audio!

QHow do I get the AV equipment I've hired to my event location?

AIn some cases the supplier will offer delivery for an extra fee, or sometimes even for free within a certain distance. Otherwise you will need to collect it, usually after arranging a collection time.

QHow difficult is it to set up a PA sound system?

AHow long is a piece of string?! Often it's straightforward, especially with an active system, but sometimes it can be a nightmare! If you are worried, ask the supplier if they have an engineer that can help you. They may charge a fee for that. Of course, if you do fancy trying your hand, have a browse through our advice centre and let us guide you through it.