About SoundMate

More than just an hilarious bit of wordplay...or is it

So what's the big idea?

SoundMate's mission: to bring people together via the medium of incredibly loud noises.

Tinnitus sufferers of the world, unite.

We believe that the ability to make oneself heard the old-fashioned(ish) way is still paramount in this modern digital age - sorry, keyboard warriors.

With that in mind, we're setting out to lower the bar for anyone and everyone who's ever felt like they had something to offer at an extreme volume. Bands, DJ's, music lovers, public speakers; get your mates together and let's get out there and stop all those pesky neighbours getting the sleep they so badly need.


Our team is largely made up of aspiring and, in certain cases, almost competent musicians.

We've found over the years that when looking to put on various types of events requiring audio equipment, locating such items and then subsequently figuring out how to use them has tended to be trial and error on multiple fronts.

We reckon it's time we put what we've learnt into practice, helping people to help themselves and avoid the various pitfalls we've run into. We also think we can handle all the parts of equipment rental that tend to cause friction and get in the way of the more important stuff - you know, décor, fancy dress, glowsticks etc.

But are you actually sound, mate?

I mean, that's not really for us to answer per se. We'd like to think so, though. We are currently operating out of Manchester, which helps.

Alright, where do I start?

Three options really; if you already pretty much know what you need, check out our listings. If you're a little less certain, then have a dig through our advice pages, or let us help you out over on enquire and hire.